The 11th China ( Yangzhou Outdoor) Lighting Expo., 2023

We participated in the 3 days China Yangzhou Outdoor Lighting Exhibition from March 26 to March 28, 2023.The main products we are exhibiting this time are LED garden lights, LED lawn lights, solar garden lights, and solar lawn lights.These products are the products with the highest customer demand and the highest attention in recent years. We are also constantly developing our new products to meet the needs of customers.
The exhibitors still have production enterprises, distributors, and construction companies, as in previous years. Most of the peers participating in this exhibition are well-known enterprises in the field of outdoor lighting in China, and each factory has also exhibited new products representing their own manufacturers.

ZH P11

From the current domestic market, the mainstream products are LED courtyard lights and solar garden lights. Most designs tend to be simple in appearance.
Through this exhibition, we can see that domestic and foreign customers have a relatively large demand for outdoor lighting products with excellent workmanship and novel design.
From this exhibition, we have also seen our own strengths and shortcomings of our products. In the future, we will make persistent efforts to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers and design and produce good products that meet the market needs.
During the exhibition, we invited a group of new and old customers to visit the exhibition, and asked them to put forward better suggestions for our products and services, so that we can improve our product quality and service level. They are also our loyal old customers, and also put forward various suggestions and opinions, and have given good suggestions for our quality improvement and the direction of new product development. After the exhibition, we will make adjustments to the good and implementable suggestions put forward by the customers. We believe that our products and services will be better and better with the joint efforts of customers and our own.

Post time: May-17-2023