Looking at the Future Development of the Lighting Industry from the Guangya Exhibition

At this exhibition, business and tourism gathered at the scene, and the trade atmosphere was very strong. Among the many innovative lighting products and solutions, we found that as we predicted, low-carbon, intelligent, and healthy are the major trends in the development of the lighting industry. This Guangya Exhibition also fully reflects this. Intelligent lighting is overwhelming, with healthy lighting shining throughout the venue. Energy conservation and environmental protection are integrated into many products, showcasing the vibrant vitality of the lighting industry. Therefore, through the GILE Exhibition, we can glimpse the future development direction of the lighting industry.

At present, China's economic and social development has entered a high-quality development stage of accelerating green, low-carbon, and healthy development.

One of the government's tasks in 2024 is to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization and promote green and low-carbon development.The comprehensive construction of a beautiful and healthy China requires the deep participation of the entire society.

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Firstly, low-carbon is an important issue related to sustainable development and environmental protection for the lighting industry. With the increasing global energy shortage and environmental pollution, low-carbon lighting technology has gradually become the focus of industry attention.At present, LED technology has been widely used as an efficient and energy-saving lighting solution. LED lighting has advantages such as high energy efficiency, long lifespan, and mercury free. Compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps, it can save a lot of energy and reduce energy consumption.In the future, it is expected that LED technology will continue to make further breakthroughs, become more popular and mature in the lighting industry.In addition, new optoelectronic materials and intelligent control technologies have also provided new possibilities for energy efficiency improvement in the lighting industry. Through continuous innovation and application of new technologies, the lighting industry will play a more important role in energy conservation and achieve more sustainable development.

Jinhui Lighting will continue to follow the main development direction of the industry to improve its product performance and quality.

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Post time: Jul-03-2024