Leaders of lighting industry predict the industry situation for 2024 (Ⅵ)

The Secretary General of the every Provincial Industry Association, the leader of the lighting industry, has different views on the future, problems, and challenges faced in 2024.

Wang Haibo, Chairman of Jiangsu Lighting Society
In 2024, we need to have firm confidence and more importantly, we need to have a calm and innovative mindset. Under the influence of "friendly shore production and nearshore procurement" in Europe and America, the international market has become more diversified, and we need to innovate and explore new countries and customers; In addition to the traditional lighting field, product innovation should be carried out in the lighting sub sectors of smaller markets; The extension of lighting continues to expand, and we need to dare to cross border cooperation and innovate new markets beyond lighting; Keep up with the trend of the times and create a new era of lighting in areas such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and smart cities. The majestic road is as iron, and now taking a step from scratch, lighting professionals will definitely live up to their lighting career in 2024!

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Ling Yingming, Chairman of Zhejiang Lighting Electrical Appliances Association

In 2024, the lighting industry will show a trend of reshuffling and restructuring, stabilizing the basic market through structural adjustments.
Overall, there will be a positive overall development. Enterprises will scientifically examine their product strategies and market planning in response to changes in market demand and government policy guidance, and rationally adjust investment directions and strategies. They will expand their layout in areas such as intelligent lighting, smart lamp posts, smart classrooms, low-carbon lighting, and cross-border integration.

The challenges faced by the industry are also those faced by Jinhui Lighting. We will adjust our development direction and research and development direction based on the suggestions of industry leaders with leading levels in the lighting industry.

Extracted from Lightingchina.com

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Post time: May-13-2024