Leaders of lighting industry predict the industry situation for 2024 (Ⅴ)

The Secretary General of the every Provincial Industry Association, the leader of the lighting industry, has different views on the future, problems, and challenges faced in 2024.

Secretary General Ni Chenglong of Market Circulation and Service Professional Committee of China Lighting Electrical Appliances Association

In 2024, the lighting industry, which has undergone market baptism in recent years, will enter a relatively stable development, and enterprises will have a clearer future development direction. In terms of product form, "intelligent lighting fixtures, lighting fixtures, and lighting fixtures" are still one direction; More traditional enterprises are transforming and upgrading towards new quality productivity; Enterprises will comprehensively develop in intelligence, digitization, and integration; Green, low-carbon, healthy, safe, and full spectrum will be the key words in the lighting consumption market; AI technology will be widely applied in intelligent lighting.

Huang Zhenyu, Secretary General of Shanghai Lighting Appliance Industry Association

In 2024, the lighting industry will continue to face unfavorable factors such as tight export lighting products, reduced profits, slowing external demand, uncertain growth in domestic consumption, overcapacity, market price competition, disturbances in the international geopolitical landscape, and global supply chain restructuring. However, opportunities and challenges still exist. The obstruction of the epidemic has prompted entrepreneurs to rethink, summarize, and explore survival and development strategies.

With the emergence of a series of national policies and measures to stabilize the economy, expand domestic demand, and promote consumption, the entire industry needs to work together, overcome difficulties, and take big steps on the path of scientific research and innovation, the path of dual carbon health, and the new empowerment of digital transformation. We should keep up with the pace of national economic development, make efforts in technology, market, brand, channels, and other aspects, actively open up new fields and tracks for industry development, firmly believe in building a new "engine" for intelligent, healthy, and ecological development in the lighting industry, and embark on a new journey towards becoming a strong lighting country.


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Post time: Apr-30-2024