GILE Exhibition Concludes Perfectly

On June 9th, the 29th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE Exhibition) was held as scheduled at the exhibition hall of the China Import and Export Fair. The scale of this exhibition is known as the largest in history, with an exhibition area of 260000 square meters, covering 26 exhibition halls, including 3383 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions around the world.

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Against the backdrop of transformation, upgrading, and integrated innovation in the current lighting industry, this year's Guangya Exhibition focuses on the theme of "Light+Era, Achieving Infinite Light". It has set up seven themed exhibition areas and supporting forum activities: Light Intelligence, Light Health, Light Life Aesthetics, Light Agriculture, Light Display, Light Art, and Light Low Carbon. In this exhibition, people can see various novel and creative lighting products and technologies. With the development of society and the increasing demand for lighting, the lighting industry is also constantly iterating and innovating.

Wuxi Jinhui Lighting, as an established supplier of outdoor courtyard lighting, naturally cannot miss such a grand exhibition. At this exhibition, we met with clients from Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa. Although the exhibition was busy, we still had further plans for future cooperation.  At this exhibition, not only did we meet with old customers, but our newly developed lights also gained the love of new customers, such as the JHTY-9001A/C and JHTY-9001B solar lights, and the JHTY-9002 A and B models are also two types of A/C and solar lights. Our patented product has been favored by both new and old customers this time, indicating that our design team has conducted in-depth observation and understanding of customer preferences.

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This year's GILE Exhibition is different from previous years in that there have been more visitors this year, and some South American customers used to rarely come. However, this time there are clearly more South American . This year's exhibition has been fruitful, and we look forward to achieving better results next year!

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Post time: Jun-20-2024